Microsoft Takes My Advice (Mostly)


When writing about Microsoft’s previous Laptop Hunters ad, I made the following plea:

So, Microsoft, I’m begging you to bring back Lauren #1. Give her the same $1,000 budget so she can easily rule out a Mac

In its newest ad, the company did reduce the budget (to $700), and I think this tack is its best bet.

The ad itself is unremarkable, but the “hunters” could easily rule out the Mac because of their budget. They didn’t have to invent ridiculous “excuses” that only make it clear they’re ill-informed. They simply had to point out there’s no Mac under a grand and be done with it.

It doesn’t mean they didn’t say stupid things (for example, I love it when he says “See how it just seems a lot more sturdy” when he’s not even holding the device). It’s especially stupid because having that line spoken while showing a silver PC reveals a massive case of “Unibody Envy.” And it doesn’t make the laptop they acquired any better. As I said about the original Lauren’s $700 choice:

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you got anything more than you paid for, or found some sort of computer bargain, or know some secret the rest of us aren’t clued in on. You asked for little, and that’s exactly what you got.

The point of using a low budget isn’t about the PC they get, it’s about avoiding comparing it to a Mac. Face it: When a valid comparison takes place, PCs frequently lose. It’s much better for Microsoft to avoid any comparison at all.

Want some additional advice, Microsoft? Run more of these sub-$1,000 ads. They tout low PC cost, get a shot at Apple, and yet avoid any direct comparison. It’s a win-win-win for you. Sure, the buyers get mediocre hardware, but what do you care? You’re selling software.

Oh, and bring back Lauren.



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