Google Chrome OS: Distraction or Opportunity?



This afternoon I had the pleasure of being a guest on Randall Bennett’s TechVi video show. I worked with Randall back in the old AOL/Weblogs days, and I enjoy talking tech with him. TechVi uses a two-guest format, so I always get to chat with new folks in this space. Today it was Ross Rubin from The NPD Group, whom I generally only see once a year at CES. Besides being an analyst at The NPD Group, Ross authors the weekly “Switched On” column for Engadget.

Today’s chat was focused on Google’s Chrome OS announcement, but not from a nuts-and-bolts standpoint. Since details are scarce on how Chrome OS (s GOOG) will actually work, Randall focused today’s TechVi show on the business side of the news. We briefly tackled questions on the impact to Google’s search efforts and on whether or not the creation of Chrome OS would be a distraction to Google as it grows its business. It was a fun experience as always, and I’m appreciative that Randall offered me the opportunity. You can catch the seven-minute spot right here on TechVi to see and hear how Ross and I view the Google Chrome OS news.



Am I the only one that thinks my big ole HDTV needs a built in OS with a slick browser? Wouldn’t it be nice just to just connect that thing to the internet and start browsing? Stream content, no PC required. Let’s go Google, make it happen.


I can see for those that really like the Google Apps, might end up liking the Google Chrome OS. My thoughts is that GC OS will inter act very well with all of Google Apps. Example, gmail will some how work very well and might inter act with Google Maps. Who knows maybe they will have calendar sync from the GC OS to the online calendar and you would be syncing wireless on your mobile phone. Maybe your documents will sync from online with GC OS, and you’ll be able to make changes or work on a document on your computer then it would sync back and you’ll use your mobile phone to view and access the document for editing on the road. If google makes a hit with the new GC OS my guess that it will be installed in UMPC, MID’s, and maybe netbooks. Once there is more info on GC OS then we can see if users will like what they see.

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