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Create a Free Poll Quickly With ProProfs

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ProProfs Poll LogoA poll can be a great way to start online conversations, discover trends or get feedback from customers. ProProfs Polls offers a quick and easy option with good features.

Like most free polling services, ProProfs lets you create and share the polls online, but it includes features not found in every polling service that might make it the right one for you.


Here’s an overview of ProProfs key features.

  • Works with Google Maps: Visually shows where votes come from on a map.
  • Add images: Grab pictures from flickr or your hard drive.
  • Block repeat votes: No “American Idol” vote fraud here.
  • Filter votes: View votes by country or city.
  • Share poll with widget: Post your poll on your web site or social network page.
  • Search other polls: Browse for ideas or see the results of other polls.

Creating a Poll

Fill out a short registration form for a free account and you’re on your way. You similarly start a new poll just by filling out a form. To add images or videos, just tap the “Media” item next to the items where you want them.

Create Poll

You can adjust your poll’s settings (for security, comments, etc.) as needed. Once done, you have your poll. You can immediately share it with social networks with just one click.

ProProfs Poll Settings

You can send the poll by email, but it doesn’t work well. The email the service sends is so generic and looks like spam that the recipient will likely ignore it:

ProProfs Poll Email

You can customize the poll by choosing one of six color options and from three different sizes.

Viewing the Poll

Everything you need to check your poll’s progress appears in a well-organized interface with tabs. The tabs show the poll and information for sharing and embedding, poll results and poll analysis.

ProProfs Poll Dashboard

The whole process of signing up and sharing the poll takes less than 10 minutes. Other quick polling tools often only let you create the poll and see a graphic, nothing more. ProProfs Polls gives users the ability to create a fast poll with easy and helpful tools for doing analysis. Just don’t touch the email feature.

Which polling tools do you use?

5 Responses to “Create a Free Poll Quickly With ProProfs”

  1. Andrew: Some poll services do allow images but we do go an extra step and integrate with Flickr.. so just give it a term and choose from a massive library of images readily available. You can also upload your own image, make it a link, resize it etc.

  2. Meryl: Thanks for the review – you are right, we surely need to improve the emails & personalize them. We are working on it and will have it in place in 3-4 days. Thanks again for a positive review, we’ll be hearing in for any further feedback or comments by WWD readers.