Collaborating With Evernote


I spend many of my working days (and nights) switching between Windows (s msft) and Mac (s aapl) machines. Having my project notes available across all my machines is very important, making Evernote one of my most-used applications.

You can now use Evernote Web to collaborate on your notes using the new Shared Notebooks feature. This new feature opens up some new options for web workers who are collaborating with business partners and clients, and for employers who want a central repository for project notes and ideas that is accessible to every project member regardless of their location.

Setting Up The Sharing Notebooks Feature
If you’re using the free version of Evernote, you can only open up your notebooks for viewing by others. This is not quite a full collaboration experience but handy if you want somebody to look over an Evernote notebook. Evernote Premium users can open up their notebooks for being viewed and modified by others, which offers a full collaboration and sharing experience.

You must first click on sharing setup to configure the sharing of your selected notebook(s). The good news is the great Evernote UI you enjoy in other parts of the service also continues in this sharing process.


Sharing Evernote Notebooks


The good news is that you don’t have to be an Evernote Premium user to make modifications on a shared Evernote notebook. However, you must be an Evernote Premium user to enable notebook sharing. An important point about Evernote notebook sharing is that any notebook additions made will count against the notebook owner’s upload allowance.

Evernote also provides the tools to track your shared notebooks by adding a “Link this to my account” button on the top right of any shared notebook you are visiting.

Peering Into The Future of Evernote Notebook Sharing
This is just the first phase of a raft of sharing features planned for Evernote, delivering base-level collaboration through the web interface. As I’m finding my Evernote usage growing, I look forward to seeing the same level of Evernote collaboration available to me on my Mac, Windows PC and phone.

How do you use the sharing and collaboration features of Evernote?


Chris Raymond

You might consider Zotero, an open-source, free notes taking and citation management app/firefox plug-in, developed by my fantastics coworkers at the Center for History and New Media.

I use it to take screenshots of inspirational websites, but it also has extensive organizing, note taking, and tagging tools and now has an online version so you can share with others and synch across computers.

Mark Nassal

I am a big fan of Evernote and use it daily as a Premium member. The new new share feature shows a lot of potential, but is a bit limited at this time. The biggest problem is that other users can not sync shared documents to their local Evernote application. According to the web site this is to come in later versions. Until this is available the usefulness is limited.



Cool feature, but what about security? There is no way to set a password or protect the notebook in any way, and it is probably crawlable by Bing & the other search engines and all your data is out in the open.

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