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BluePhoneElite Partners Your Mac and iPhone for Calls

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Skype calls are fun, especially given the quality of the mic/speaker hardware built into most currently offered Macs (s aapl). You get hands-free calling, which is especially great if you’re already using your computer anyway. Not everyone has Skype, though, and even fewer people have Skypeout credit, which allows you to call standard mobile phones and landlines. Now there’s a way to call via your iPhone and a Bluetooth connection through your Mac, so you can get all the benefits of Skype (except for video) using your wireless minutes.

BluePhoneElite has previously supported a variety of other phones for Mac calling, but only this latest version brings the much-requested iPhone support to the table. It should work with both the 3G and the 3GS, though I’ve only been able to try it out using the latter. I should also note that I wasn’t able to get it to connect successfully with my iMac, though it worked with my Mac mini and my MacBook Pro. As Smoking Apples points out, it does appear to be a bit buggy in this release, but when it does work, it works simply and well.

I’m sure at least a few people will wonder aloud about why this is even useful, but trust me, as someone who spends the bulk of their day plopped firmly in front of at least one computer screen, the ability to field and make calls from the same device you’re working on, without undue use of your hands or even headset devices, sounds like quite the blessing. So far, BluePhoneElite does not support text messaging on the iPhone (though it does with other devices), so it falls just short of being the ultimate phone/computer work combo. It’s $25 for a full license, but a free 14-day trial ensures you’re not buying anything you can’t/won’t actually use.

6 Responses to “BluePhoneElite Partners Your Mac and iPhone for Calls”

  1. Looking forward to [hopefully] eventual support for SMS / MMS integration between my MacBook and iPhone. Until people use this utility on a daily basis, they won’t understand just how convenient it is to be able to see a SMS from your phone popup on your computer screen. I used to use this all the time when I was still a on my old Nokia. Never had to take the phone out during a meeting to reply to a important text message.

    • Yes. So if you’re working on a computer most of the time you can make/receive your (i)phone calls without “leaving” your computer.

      Since I have headphones on most of the day (listenning to iTunes) I could answer calls and still have both of my hands to continue coding or what-not.

  2. Hobbes Doo

    I still don’t get what’s the benefit of this. Can’t you do the same thing using Skype on the iPhone? Or even better, if you’re having to use this to connect the phone to your Mac, can’t you simply use Skype on your Mac?

    I maybe missing the point, but honestly I don’t understand why would this be beneficial and appreciate if someone can enlighten me.

    • random.user

      In my case I have almost no service in my house so now I can place the iphone where it get the most signal and use my laptop as freely as I want.
      but that’s just the way I need it, may I add I’m having issues with the program, When I do a call I wont hear anything for ten or more seconds, and sometimes I have to go to the phone to select the audio source again. Also if there is an artifact to use both the headphones features (mic and audio) on the mac I would like to know about it.
      Any help would be greatly apreciated