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Bonfire of Vanities, Part Deux: Speaking Fees of Media/Internet Types

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A random tweet somewhere reminded me of speaker’s fee for various celeb speaking types in the media/Internet sphere. A lot of this info is public on various speaking bureau websites, so thought it would be interesting enough info to point out, at least for the ones that publicly disclose their fees.

Jimmy Wales: Above $75K
Anderson Cooper: Above $75K
Jay Leno: Above $75K
Bill Maher: Above $75K
Jim Cramer: $50K and above
Mark Cuban: $50K and above

Dr Sanjay Gupta: $50K to $75K
Ben Stein: $50K to $75K
Charlie Rose: $50K to $75K
Al Franken: $50K to $75 K (not anymore, I suppose)
Deepak Chopra: $50K to $75K
Bob Woodward: $50K to $75K
Craig Ferguson $50K to $75K
Bob Costas: $50K to $75K
Wolf Blitzer: $50K to $75K
Steve Wozniak: $50K to $75K
Arianna Huffington: $30K to $50K
Tavis Smiley: $30K to $50K
Esther Dyson: $30K to $50K
Andrea Mitchell: $30K to $50K
Lester Holt: $20K to $30K
Andy Serwer: $20K to $30K
Bob Parsons: $20K to $30K
Bob Davis: $20K to $30K
Larry Kudlow: $20K to $30K
Kay Koplovitz: $20K to $30K
Bob Garfield: $20K to $30K
Joseph Jaffe: $20K to $30K
Jim McCann: $25K to $30K
David Pogue: $15K to $20K
Kevin Mitnick: $15K to $20K
Helen Thomas: $15K to $20K
David Faber: $15K to $20K
Gerd Leonhard: $15K to $20K
Rick Karlgaard: Under $15K
Doc Searls: $10K to $20K
David Weinberger: $10K to $15K
Hal Varian: $10K to $15K
Chris Pirillo: $10K to $15K
John C. Dvorak: $5K to $10K
Michael Rogers: $5K to $10K
Kevin Maney: $5K to $10K
Greg Stuart: $5K to $10K

P.S.: Note that a lot of them do waive their speaking fees in a lot of instances. And some of the fees listed above may be outdated.

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