With Real-Time Search Booming, OneRiot Launches API

oneriotlogoWant to know what’s going on right this second? Real-time search engine OneRiot is launching (right now!) an API that widget and app makers can use to tap into its stream of real-time content. The search engine, which is focusing heavily on real-time content — social networks, freshly uploaded videos, and newly created blog articles — helps users find what’s happening right now on the web. It’s a booming business.

Google VP and search maven Marissa Mayer thinks real-time search is hugely important. She told the UK Guardian:

[R]eal-time search is incredibly important and the real-time data that’s coming online can be super-useful in terms of us finding out something like, you know, is this conference today any good? Is it warmer in San Francisco than it is in Silicon Valley? You can actually look at tweets and see those sorts of patterns, so there’s a lot of useful information about real time and your actions that we think ultimately will reinvent search.

OneRiot launch partners include Microsoft, Scour, Yoono, Nambu and Shareholic — and prospective partners can go to wiki.oneriot.com for more information. The API is, of course, free — but by approval only.


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