Palm Pre Twitter Client Adds Photo Posting: Spaz


spaz-palm-preMy daily check of the Palm Pre (s PALM) App Catalog didn’t turn up any new software, but there is a notable update today. I’ve been using the Tweed Twitter client, but for now I’m switching over to Spaz. The latest update, version 0.5, adds support for photo posting to TweetPhoto, yfrog, Twitgoo and TwitPic.

I tested the new function, and it worked fine, although it’s not exactly a native feature within the client. Instead, Spaz relies on sending an email to the Twitter photo services: Your text appears as the tweet, while the attached photo receives its own URL. I’d prefer a solution that works within the actual client, but the Pre’s easy-to-use multitasking allows this approach to work effectively.



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how is the pre holding up? I liked tweed, but twitter clients in general are plentiful and feature rich on the iphone. I ultimately gave the pre up because of poor coverage in my area.


I just saved the url for my twitpic as an sms contact and send the pictures that way. Much easier thwn using an email client since the PRE has mms included.


you can do the same thing via tweed as of two updates ago

Kevin Hughes

I’m sorry, they called the product Spaz?! not sure if that has the same meaning in America…

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