Netflix Streaming Coming to Sony TV Sets

netflix_logoAdd Sony (s SNE) TV sets to the long list of hardware devices that will stream Netflix (s NFLX) movies. Netflix announced this morning that starting this fall, net-connected Sony Bravia TVs and older Bravias that use the Internet link module will be able to access its “Watch Instantly” movie service.

Sony joins a host of other consumer electronics companies carrying Netflix including LG, Vizio, Samsung along with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (s MSFT). Speaking of the Xbox, noticeably absent from the Sony announcement is streaming to the PlayStation 3. Netflix currently has an exclusive game console relationship with the mighty Microsoft, but once that ends, it’s likely the PS3 will get Netflix as well.

Sony also has a deal with Amazon’s VOD service to stream movies to its sets.

This deal was kind of inevitable given Netflix’s plan to be everywhere (and success so far at achieving that), but it’s a nice feather in the cap for the company to get (another) a big brand name like Sony. In April, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that his company had a “tremendous number” of hardware partnerships in the pipeline.