HP Mini 110 Netbook Gains $30 HD Display Option

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Folks waiting for resolution higher than 1024 x 576 on an HP Mini 110 need wait no more. Portable Monkey peeped the $30 option on HP’s (s HPQ) Home & Office product site that outfits your netbook with a 1366 x 768 matte display. The base Mini 110 with XP currently starts at $329, so a 10 percent premium for nearly 78 percent more pixels is a pretty solid deal.


Yes, I did the math, although I had to use a calculator since I ran out of fingers and toes. 1024 x 576 gives you 589,824 pixels, while a 1366 x 768 display yields 1,049,088 pixels. And of course, with more than 720 horizontal lines, the display option qualifies as high-definition. This option appears to be available only on with Microsoft Windows XP (s MSFT) as the operating system, so HP Mobile Internet Editions need not apply.

I’d consider pairing the $30 Broadcom Video Acclerator (s BRCM) option with this higher-quality display, although I believe it requires use of the included ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre software. Pity the Mini 110 doesn’t have an HDMI output. With video acceleration and optimized software, we could have piped HD video from HDMI to the big screen.

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I’m not really interested in a netbook right now, but I’m really glad to see a matte display option. I was beginning to think they were becoming extinct.
Yes, Acer, I’m looking at YOU! Now get to work and build me that matte 13″ Timeline I asked for !
Leave it to the likes of Apple and Sony to gloss their users to death! :D

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