Daily Sprout

Smarter PC Power Management: A new webcam application called PecoBOO uses facial recognition — rather than mouse movements — to determine whether or not there is a user in front of the PC. If the user moves away, after 15 minutes, the computer goes into its power-saving standby mode. — EcoGeek

Barnstorming Required: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he wants to hold a climate debate on the floor by October. But it may be more important for Obama to announce “some sort of China deal first and do some major barnstorming” than for the bill to pass even by year’s end. — Climate Progress

Deal and No Deal: The Group of Eight leading nations have agreed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, but failed to reach an accord on shorter-term targets, prompting a larger group of nations — including China and India — to backtrack from their own commitment to numerical targets they had planned to announce today. — Wall Street Journal

EnerG2 Exec on Materials and Molecules: “Materials science is the new information technology, and it’s helping the U.S. achieve dominance as the post-petroleum era dawns and spreads to virtually every continent.” — Greentech Media

Mixed Climate Messages: Virginia-based blogger David Campbell managed to nail his local representative, Democrat Glenn Nye, for saying he was for the cap and trade bill when he in fact voted against it. — Politico via Business Insider’s Green Sheet