Amazon Wireless: Smart Move. So More Specialist Stores to Come?

amazonwireless.gifI just saw that Amazon (s AMZN) has launched a new, special store — dubbed Amazon Wireless — that sells wireless service plans and devices from U.S. carriers AT&T (s T) and Verizon Wireless (s VZ). Sprint and T-Mobile USA are coming to the store soon. To be fair, Amazon is playing catch-up with San Francisco-based specialty e-tailer, LetsTalk, which offers more options when it comes to plans, carriers and devices. It also has a 10-year head start.

Nevertheless, it is safe to predict that thanks to its dominating presence on the Internet, Amazon will be a formidable competitor to LetsTalk. The clean and easy-to-use design, description of devices and quality of reviews alone ensures the future of this offering. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now it becomes a king-maker in this high-volume business. I am frankly surprised that it took Amazon until now to do this, considering that it’s been offering mobile plans and special deals for so long. Wireless retailers get a nice chunk of change from the carriers for the deals they bring to the party.

The big question is if this is a new strategy, that of micro-stores focused on specialist markets. It had launched Endless, a specialty shoe store back in 2007. And Amazon bought, a digital camera review site, in May 2007. How about a digital photography-focused store, or a cooking-related store. What do you guys think?