Twitter Curbs Moonfruit’s PR Hashtag Stunt

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Credit: Chart via Twist

When does a Twitter PR campaign go too far? Why not ask UK website building company, Moonfruit which generated huge interest by giving away 10 free MacBooks via the ubiquitous micro-blogging site — only for Twitter to remove the related #Moonfruit hashtag from its trending list of most popular subjects. The campaign annoyed people, was compared to spam and stole attention from more important topics. Twitter has yet to confirm the take-down — we have asked the company to comment — it seems the site thought the PR campaign had gone far enough.

The company launched the campaign in last week to celebrate its 10th birthday: users had to simply insert “#Moonfruit” into any Tweet to be entered into a prize draw for a free computer. #Moonfruit found itself trending higher than Michael Jackson, and Iran. Even though the competition is over, countless people are still adding #Moonfruit to their Tweets. But, as the company wrote in a blog post, the phrase mysteriously disappeared from’s trending list on July 4, despite earlier being one of the most Tweeted phrases hours earlier.

The company’s Wendy Tan White writes: “If Twitter had come to us and said, ‘guys, enough is enough’, then we would have worked with them to limit the campaign, or complied with whatever they were demanding. However, if they have pulled the trending without explanation or communication, this sets rather a different tone.”

She even comes up with a good suggestion — one that Twitter’s head of business development Kevin Thau may want to consider: “Perhaps there should be

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Charlie Wollborg

Building off Kevin Thau's suggestion, I'd love to see separate twitter trending topic lists for business, tech and pop culture.

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