Social Net Tagged Getting Tagged…Er…Sued By NY AG


High time someone asked harder questions: Tagged, the San Francisco-based social network that has taken heat for digging into anyone address books and sending invite e-mails to all, is now about to be sued by Andrew Cuomo, New York


irina slutsky

as i'm reading the various posts/articles/comments, i'm surprised no one has mentioned Spock — the people search engine — i got an email from Spock telling me someone had created a profile for me and when i logged into Spock, it asked for my email and promptly sent an invitation to Spock to all my contacts. in turn, i got invitations from several people to join Spock. it was all very dubious and confusing and i certainly intended none of it.


Great of you to post this story.
I was hit by
I will be seeing them soon.

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