What Features Should the New Apple TV Have?

The consumer electronics industry, like its mobile phone counterpart, is going into a phase of flux, where Moore’s law and smart software and services would dictate how tomorrow’s consumer devices are built. Everyone — from start-ups such as Sonos to Microsoft (s MSFT) and Sony (s SNE)  — is trying to figure out their next move.

Apple (s AAPL), which has been great so far at building clever products that leverage software, services and commodity hardware, has so far lagged in its efforts. Apple TV, its Internet set-top box, has been a disappointment. Michael Wolf, who spearheads GigaOM Pro, thinks it is time for Apple to refocus its attention on this device.

“Since the launch of Apple TV, the company has launched its app store, pushed into gaming, and started offering HD video content on iTunes,” he writes (subscription required). “Add it all together on a refreshed box, and it could be a potent combination.” Higher video quality and adding gaming capabilities are two of his picks. I was wondering if you would like to share your perspective in the comments section.

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