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More Evidence of a New iPod touch Found


Pinch Media, an analytics firm for iPhone OS developers, has found evidence of a third-generation iPod touch. An “iPod3,1” string has been showing up as the version identifier in its online logs, with first- and second-generation identifiers for the touch being “iPod1,1” and “iPod2,1,” respectively.

In a blog posting, Pinch Media reported applications using its analytic tools on “iPod3,1” devices first appeared in April, with usage increasing in May. Besides being popular, the applications being used appear to have no shared traits.

This isn’t the first time the “iPod3,1” identifier has appeared, either. The identifier was found in a beta release of iPhone OS 3 in March, along with “iPhone3,1,” “iFPGA,” “iProd0,1,” and “iPod2,2? identifiers. For that reason, this information should be treated as news, rather than rumor. However, there are rumors of new case designs for iPods, most notably ones with holes on the back for cameras, but it’s the identifier strings that matter.

With high confidence in the evidence of a new iPod touch, it can also be asserted that the new model will be released soon. For the last three years, Apple (s aapl) has introduced new iPods in September, including both generations of the iPod touch. Also, the current iPod promotion is scheduled to end on Sept. 8.

While the release of a new iPod touch in the fall seems to be a certainty, more nebulous is the question of the summer: Should I wait? The iPhone 3GS significantly outperforms the iPhone 3G due to a doubling of RAM, a new GPU, and a CPU running 50 percent faster at 600MHz. While the iPod touch would benefit from more RAM and a new GPU, the CPU is already running at 533MHz, making 600MHz less impressive. However, the CPU in the iPhone 3GS is under-clocked, its maximum being 833MHz. If this is due to power saving, rather than heat issues, it’s possible the next iPod touch could also see a boost of approximately 50 percent, and that would definitely be worth waiting for.

38 Responses to “More Evidence of a New iPod touch Found”

  1. james braselton

    hi there want a big ipod touch then get a apple ipad a 9.7 inch ipod touch with e-book reader with embedded video too plays movies also powered buy a a4 cpu 16 32 or 64 gb flash memory

  2. Is there really a new ipod touch coming out? I got an e-mail from someone I was trying to buy the second gen from and, after they said it was already sold, told me that the whole line of ipod touch was getting upgraded and price drops this week. Can anyone confirm this, yet? Or when it will happen?

  3. If it has gps, better processor, and a camera I plan on getting one. I have a Sony mylo and I was happy with it’s features but the touch is a better device. In the future I see apple making the iPod touch more powerful so it will compete with Sonys psp as a mobile gaming device. The touch has been really amazing so far. When I travel I use the skype feature.

  4. Michael

    A lot better built and firmer buttons because the top button that puts it in standby on my itouch broke and now I have to wait for it to shut off after so long with out touching it!!!! And it’s just messed up now!!!

    And water proof because I dropped it in pudlle accidentally!! This is sometime after button broke by the way!! Luckily it lived on..I’m using it to type this! But I have some problems with it dying randomly!!


  5. Fusilier

    I’d love to see absolutely everything that is already in the 3G iPhone except the phone. This includes the camera with all the video functions that’s in the iPhone, and a built in microphone so the iPod Touch could be used with WIFI and Skype to place calls. I don’t want to pay the $30 a month extra for a data package forced on us by the Canadian iPhone carrier (Rogers).

    Just my thoughts.

  6. If there is a new I-pod touch, i want a camera/webcam, microphone, speakers, longer battery life, rhapsody compatible, bluetooth enabled, scratch resistence screen and back of the i-pod, wireless music sharing to other i-pods, and better apps for i-touch users.

    • this will help apple make more money. also apple, if you decide to make this type of itouch i suggested, make it affordable to the world. make it like around 250 for a 8GB

  7. I would say there is a 99% chance there will be a camera. Do some research before just going off your own opinion because there are plenty of articles with sources saying that apple has ordered a massive amount of small cameras, after already releasing the iphone 3gs…so where else would they be going?? GPS would be amazing but I haven’t read much about it other than from users wishes. 64gb would be awesome. We’ll see. It should be announced sometime in Sept. since the student promo will be ending I believe Sept 8th.

  8. Undermidnight

    I am about to pull the trigger on getting an iTouch.. but I think I will just wait for the latest. I want one to do some development for it.

    This is good news..

    Thanks guys!

  9. Carlos

    Hell yeah!!!
    I think its really worth waiting… why???
    Because Microsoft is bringing out the zune hd on september 8, being a very strong competitor for the itouch (somehow even i think its cool, and i dont really like zunes). So im sure apple is going to come up with some impressive stuff for the fall release of ipods. Cant hardly wait!!!
    Aww… i was thinking about getting a macbook (the free itouch is temptating) but i guess ill better wait for december sales so i can get the new itouch (or maybe the zune? i dont know). but we’ll see!!! :)

  10. Well a camera wold be pretty nice but i dont really think that will happen. Does anyone really think its worth waiting for? And i completly agree a bigger screen wold be nice but not too big who would carry that.

    • Katherine L.

      No, your iPod Touch doesn’t have GPS. It uses the WiFi connection to figure out where you are. You can verify this by trying to use your mapping applications with the WiFi turned off or when you are not near a hotspot.

  11. RUSH2112

    I would like a adjustable equilizer, I noticed in the ipod touch some equilizer settings make no difference and act the same as if the equilizer is off, one of these settings is rock. This was not a problem in the ipod nano. I am surprised not to many people have complained about this, but it would be nice if this was addressed, I could sure use some more base response without loosing the highs.

  12. theyPod, uPod, iPod, yPod?

    I don’t know about that, Mr. Staff Comment Charles Jade. ;-)

    I wouldn’t want a table device for an iPod. Too darn large. But, a somewhat larger screen would be nice. The current physical size of the iPod touch is good. Now, if they can expand the screen and thus decreasing the border that would be great. Or, if they needed to expand the width of the iPod touch just a little bit, that would be fine too. As for tablet, no way. Don’t like that. I don’t want to lug around an Amazon Kindle like screen with me. Too big. And it’s a totally different market.

    I forgot to add that for #6, I’d add a built-in microphone. This way, one could use the iPod touch with Skype and without a headset. But, I think this is also highly doubtful. Of all the items I listed, I think only #4 is somewhat likely, and #1 a little bit likely. The others, they most probably won’t be implemented this time around.

  13. iPod uPod theyPod

    I’d like to see the following for the new iPod touch (and I don’t care for the camera):

    1. bluetooth headset profile (enabling microphone activity and not just speakers)

    2. radio (doubtful this will be implemented, but one could wish)

    3. haptic display (yeah right, not for this next generation, I doubt it!)

    4. wifi N speeds (not just b or g)

    5. a larger screen would be nice (but really doubtful)

    • Yeah but its only useful when you have a wifi connection. That’s great, but when I am driving around, or at the gym, or whatnot, it doesn’t do me much good. I’m wishing the iTouch would have a data plan from a mobile carrier available so I have connectivity when wifi isn’t available. But, pretty much, that would be an iPhone, and I’m tied to Alltel, now Verizon for another year and a half.

    • Michael

      At least 720p hd screens so YouTube looks amazing!!!!!! And more features for YouTube and myspace apps!!! And play more video formats for browsing Internet and updated flash player and updated everything for all the Internet stuff that u need just to see some pages and active-x thingy and pure amazingness and app!!! And to be able to go and see ur myspace page from The real browser if u want to check out how ur profile looks or change settings not available from app…or add those settings thing to the app!!! AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!

    • stainglassfox

      I agree. A camera is nice but more ways to access and listen should really be explored. I think apple is late in the market with things like a radio, and in this economy just being an iPod won’t cut it.

  14. Javier

    How about a patch for the current ipod touch… After upgrading to 3.0 my touch is 50% slower brower and app store ….but a new touch with cam would be nice

    • well rumored or not….

      the expectation is not far fetched, from articles to press releases, its for sure going to have more ram, and built in GPS, from everything I have found… the New Ipod Touch will run the Same Platform as the Iphone 3Gs with out the phone, and is rumored right now to come with a built in 2.0 Mp camera, although this does sound nice, the price is sure to be expensive,
      but again, until Apple gives the official press release, this can only be rumor or speculation… but I know I sure cant wait 64 GB’s built in Camera and full function Garmin GPS, with a boost of speed… I know I sure cant wait :)