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Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone 3GS Using Official Dev Team Tools

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If you’ve been enjoying your new iPhone 3GS, but have been missing the freedom of jailbreak since your hardware upgrade (and you were skittish about the early purplera1n release), then you’re in luck, because yesterday the Dev Team officially released updated versions of redsn0w and ultrasn0w that are compatible with Apple’s (s aapl) newest handset. That also means you can unlock the device (though earlier versions of ultrasn0w were technically compatible as well) without worry. Except for the usual worries, which are, as always, many and include potentially voiding your warranty.

As some of you may recall, the Dev Team was originally planning on holding off on a 3GS jailbreak release until after the official 3.1 firmware update from Apple dropped. In doing so, they were hoping to prevent Cupertino from plugging the exploit they use to access and jailbreak the 3GS with the next release. Dev Team member George Hotz (Geohot) took issue with that cautious stance, pointing out that playing cat-and-mouse with Apple was basically unavoidable anyway, so why not just tackle exploits as they become available, instead of trying to put one over on the software giant? In their post, the Dev Team doesn’t actually debate the merits of either position, they just plainly state that there was no reason to hold back the release with purplera1n already being widely available.

If you can get past the dangers inherent in any jailbreaking activity, and you really want to try out great Cydia and Icy apps like Backgrounder, Boss Prefs, and all the rest, head on over to the Dev Team Blog now for more info on where you can find the official releases. Call me boring, but I’m sticking with my vanilla 3.0 install until Apple irons out all the quirks of the latest device, just in case a trip to the Genius Bar becomes a necessary last resort.

27 Responses to “Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone 3GS Using Official Dev Team Tools”

  1. Hi my 3gs phone was jailbroken but kept freezing so i uninstalled the jailbreak software and instead i accidentally restored and updated to the new firmware now my phone is locked is there n e way to restore phone back to old firmware or to unlock with the updated firmware ?

  2. I purchased a Iphone 3G 16GB
    Seller told me that it is factory unlocked but when I update it to 3.1.3 it’s only searching for network and giving the message no Service
    What i do now? please advice.

  3. Dear Friend how i know that my phone is offically unlocked or unloked by un offical way
    Kindly send update
    If it is Offically unlock how i can update it to latest version

  4. frangipanni


    call me stupid but I bought an iPhone 3gs from Hong Kong and was told it was unlocked. yesterday it asked me on iTunes to update my phone and i did …. disaster…. now my phone is asking for an AT & T sim card and is locked to them. I am not too computer savy and am really unsure what to do … i have read heaps and am now more confused. I read you can go backwards by going back to iTunes 7.5 and then restoring firmware to 1.1.4 but wont this take me back to an iPhone 3g and not a 3gs heck I am so confused and I am heart broken that I have now killed my phone. I am in Australia so joining AT & T is not an option. iPhone wont help me and my own service provider virgin cant help either…. please guys I NEED HELP!!! please explain in simple english if you think you can help

  5. Does jailbreaking really void warranty? I heard that if a jailbroken iphone be configured back to its factory state using itunes, it can qualify for a warranty

    And, are there really stores in US who sell iphone outright and unlocked?

    Lastly, are there any features lost after Iphone 3Gs has been jailbroken? I would like to buy but the available would be a prepaid kit from AT & T and would likely to resort to jailbreak/unlock process. please advise.

  6. Hi can anyone help me plz.. I leave in Greece and I got an Iphone from another country and THE sim card doesnt work in it, I would like to know How to unblock it

    Thank uu all

  7. Haha, clearly you’ll be waiting not too long maybe only a few hours with the way they release their cracks/hacks wouldn’t you agree? How long as it been since 3GS? and jailbroken already even before this article.

  8. My only concern is if I decide to Jailbreak my 3GS, how long will I have to wait for the 3.1 jailbreak? I don’t want to miss out on the 3.1 update from Apple for very long… while the Dev Team works to crack it.

  9. 32 GB 3GS jailbroken using purplera1n version 1 and the new RC2. No issues at all. Cydia is rediculously faster and there is absolutely no phone lag even with themes active through winterboard. Backrounder is wonderful and the new version is fully compatible with v3.0. It does not provide some of the settings that v2.2.1 did where it allowed you to specify which apps you wanted to leave running in the background by default, but holding the home button will activate and de-activate it. Voice control can be activated through the home screen by holding the home button. Obviously if an app is open and running backgrounder turns on or off before voice control is initiated. I’ve read several comments about why would anyone want to jailbreak the 3GS with all it’s new features. The biggest reason for me was Winterboard and personalized themes. Backgrounder, Stumbler Plus (for scanning Wifi networks), Makeitmine (personalized carrier names), Boss prefs (for easy power and settings management) and countless other small but very cool features. I understand being timid about our not so cheap toys but the jailbreak process is very easy and with the insane speed and increased memory in the 3GS it is well worth your time. I am pretty sure all those that have jailbroken the 3GS would agree.

  10. I wonder how Backgrounder would work on a 3GS now that holding the Home button activates Voice Controls. I tried Backgrounder and it never kept anything running in the background for me. While I’m anxious to get Intelliscreen, BiteSMS, SBSettings, etc… back, I’m waiting for 3.1. Just because I haven’t had time to really play around lately.

    • Backgrounder actually works well now! The 3GS has enough memory to keep apps running in the background indefinitely. With my 3G, backgrounded apps would usually quit after some time due to memory issues. Usage is the same as before: hold down the home button and the “backgrounding enabled” box comes up. If you then keep holding it down, voice control comes up. (in 3.0, force-quit is activated differently)

    • Thanks tys. I think I’ll try and give jailbreaking another shot on my 3GS. Is performance significantly better with the added power that the 3GS has? I would think it would be.

  11. I never noticed decreased battery life due to Backgrounder. But then again, I didn’t use it all day.

    It’s more of a huge convenience than anything. Ex: I’m listening to a morning radio show via the AOL Radio app and I get a txt message. I hold down the home button which keeps the open app, stay open. It then goes to the home screen where I can view & respond to the txt message, all while still listening to the radio show without being interrupted.

    • BiteSMS (replay to Messages in the app you’re in)

      Intelliscreen (See a breakdown of upcoming events, recent emails, text messages, weather, RSS feeds.. all on your lock screen).

      SBSettings (Turn off key features of the Mobile OS with the swipe of a finger)

      PDANet (Free Tethering support.. I only mention this because AT&T will be charging for tethering when it’s fully implemented)

      And Backgrounder is mentioned below.

      There are definite niceties of jailbreaking, but there is less incentive to do so as more and more of the features that jailbreaking provides are added by Apple.

  12. I’m kind of in the same boat as you…. patiently waiting.

    But I really, REALLY miss necessary apps/options like Backgrounder, Boss Prefs, Stacks and… well, that’s a much shorter list than I had prior to 3.0!