Daily Sprout

DOE Dole Doesn’t Come Cheap: To score a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy last week, energy storage company Beacon Power spent $1 million over three years filling out 96 forms. “Considering the company only earns $68,000 in revenue, it’s a miracle Beacon was able to handle the big costs.” — Business Insider

Mini E, First 1,000 Miles: Lyle Dennis has put 1,000 miles on the all-electric Mini E, and says his only real complaint is that the car requires a 240V charging cord that he doesn’t have. All Cars Electric via AutoblogGreen

Going Nuclear: Winning Republican Senators’ support for a cap and trade system in climate bill might be “easier than many observers think, but only if it comes with provisions providing a big boost for nuclear energy.” — Grist

Solar Struggle: The 18 percent drop in the value of solar wafer maker LDK Solar’s shares this week amid stronger-than-expected demand but weak revenues illustrates the flip side of a big increase in polysilicon production capacity: prices for solar power’s raw material are going south. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Geoengineering Won’t Solve Ocean Acidification: “A new study by a team of Stanford University scientists has concluded that geoengineering measures designed to reduce global warming will do little to reduce CO2 levels and, subsequently, ocean acidification.” — NYT’s Green Inc.