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USOC Launching Olympics Channel With Comcast; IOC Not Happy About The Name

That was quick: The United States Olympic Committee announced this morning that it will launch a cable TV network devoted to Olympic and Paralympic Games next year, along with Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) who will carry it in its lineup. Comcast is an equity partner in the channel. And soon after that, the International Olympic Committee officials came out with a strong rebuke for USOC, saying that they hadn’t approved the usage of “Olympic” word for the channel. (Update: NBC Sports declined comment.) Yes, while the media world continues to implode, IOC continues to keep burying its head in the sand when it comes to the highly lucrative media rights. Just last month, Reuters EIC asked IOC to grow up, and to rethink its media accreditation rules to allow audience members to report from the Games. Relations between USOC and IOC haven’t been very civil lately, as NYT reports here.

IOC is worried about how this new launch would affect its long-time U.S. broadcaster NBC, which has the TV and digital rights until 2012.

One Response to “USOC Launching Olympics Channel With Comcast; IOC Not Happy About The Name”

  1. TheMuaveAvenger

    Well maybe if NBC would learn to properly cover sports, especially Track and Field, there wouldn't be a need to create other sports channels.