Five Reasons Why Microsoft Does Not Need To Worry About Google Chrome OS


Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) still hasn’t commented on Google’s plans to introduce an operating system of its own. An official statement is coming later today and we’ll post it here when it comes out. (Update: Microsoft now says it will in fact not comment). But there are lots of reasons why Microsoft does not need to be too concerned about Google’s foray into its home turf. Here are five:

Windows 7 is not Vista: Google’s operating system, which is initially targeted for netbooks, will only be available starting in mid-2010. By then, Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, will have been on the market for at least nine months. Unlike its predecessor Windows Vista, Windows 7 has received rave early reviews. Also unlike Vista, Microsoft has promised that Windows 7 will work as well on netbooks as on high-end gaming PCs. As one Microsoft employee wrote on his blog today, “If Win7 didn



I see why this site is called It's content paid for by Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT).


1) windows 7 IS Vista Service pack 3. Everyone in the IT industry knows this.

2) Microsoft insists on not following Web standards for their browsers. People are flocking to Firefox, as they will for Chrome.

3) Chrome will compete with Ubuntu? Who cares. Chrome may lower the price of a Netbook 15%. The economy's bad, 15% is real and measurable.

4) Who's going to buy MS office at $450 when the netbook costs $450? Google apps may very well be "free" on their OS. A whole generation under 30 isn't worried about their data on the internet. That generation will just get larger. They Do, however, know the difference between $450 and Free.

5) Track record? For every failure of Google there is 50 from microsoft. Please.

It's Goliath vs. Goliath, as long as they both have tons of cash to burn.

The difference between MS and Google is that Google (in perception at least) embraces "open" while MS embraces themselves.

I'm happy that this article was short. If you guys need a better crap storm topic let me know. Thank you.

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As Google moves further away from its core area of seach, they risk build an aversion to their products and some paranoid users…

ed dunn

I have to admit, this is an interesting move. It's like Google just walked by and pushed the Ubuntu and other Linux OS developers off the road into the mud – the same people who would have been a great partner…

Trying to split the Linux developers and open source communities will only help Microsoft. No one in business is going to touch it if they see linux and google developers/loyalists scrapping it out at SlashDot and ZDNET….

Joseph Tartakoff

Hi Wade,

Thanks so much for writing those up. Those are fair counter-points. I look forward to seeing what happens.

Joe Tartakoff,

David Iwanow

It is an interesting move, but something that has been rumoured for so long it was just a matter of time. But the move to further split the linux market and slow the possible growth of Ubuntu is a shame.

As Google moves further away from its core area of seach, they risk build an aversion to their products and some paranoid users…

If Google OS knows what time you boot up your PC, how long it takes for you to open up Chrome, when you Googled a product, which you found what you were looking for in the results shown as an Adword. You now visit the online store running Google Analytics to pay via Google Checkout… how much is this going to rise some anti-trust issues…

Oh forgot that the confirmation of online purchase was send to your Google voice number which you later read on your Google Android phone number…

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