What’s Next for Apple’s Living Room Strategy?

A Question: Where do consumers go to relax and consumer technology vendors go to die?

If you guessed the living room, you’d be right. While Apple is in no danger of extinction, they are no doubt aware of the struggles that a host of startups and big vendors have faced in the consumer electronics market. While Apple has largely bucked the trend in recent years with the amazing success of the iPod and iPhone, no one — including Apple — would claim the Apple TV to be a runaway hit at this point.

So with Apple TV sales growing but not jumping off the charts, it’s worth asking what Apple will do next in the living room. Some have speculated they will produce their own television, others might suspect a Blu-ray player could be on its way. No matter what Apple does, they will likely tie any new products to their leading positions in online storefronts for content and apps as well as to existing products (and potential future ones).

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