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The Ultimate MacBook Pro Protection Suite by Moshi

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I’m a huge fan of Moshi’s Apple-centric line of products and accessories. In fact, my entire collection of Apple products has now been complimented by Moshi. For example, I use the iLynx USB/Firewire hub and Celesta keyboard with my iMac; my iPhone is protected by the iGlaze 3G; and recently, my Macbook Pro experienced a thorough makeover.

Over the years I have owned a variety of Apple (s aapl) laptops, and each one inevitably ends up with scratches on the screen, discoloration on the wrist area, disgusting keys, and other forms of wear and tear. I decided to not endure this experience with my new aluminum MacBook Pro. My goal is to maintain a pristine look for as long as possible, and I intend to achieve this goal by combining Moshi’s products into the ultimate protection solution.

Clearguard MB: $25

The Clearguard MB is a thin cover for your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard. Installation is simple: lay it across the keyboard. After a few minutes of typing, it’s barely noticeable. It’s virtually transparent so your backlit keys are still visible in dark rooms. I have been using it for a couple of months, and you can clearly see how my keyboard still looks like I just slid the computer out of the box. Cleaning the Clearguard is a simple process involving dish soap and water.

The best part about the Clearguard MB is I no longer see key indentations on the screen (a problem MacBooks and PowerBooks have experienced for a long time). Below is a picture of the Clearguard after a couple months. See the keys on the right side? I’m impressed.


Palmguard: $20-$28

The Palmguard is used to protect the area where your wrists sit on the computer. For me, that’s the part that receives the most damage over time. I’m always amazed at how powerful skin oil is. Again, installation is simple: Line up the Palmguard carefully in the corners and then firmly slide your hand across. If you aren’t satisfied, it’s easy to take the Palmguard off and try again without leaving any residue.

In the past, I used a competitor’s product to protect the wrist area. One thing missing was something to place onto the trackpad area. The Palmguard comes with a separate piece just for that. The accuracy and clickability (I just made up that word) of the trackpad are not affected.

Moshi sells a variety of Palmguard products to match the color and size of your Apple laptop. Below is a picture of the Palmguard after a couple months. Again, I’m impressed.


iVisor AG: $35-38

iVisor AG is the flagship laptop protection product by Moshi. Not only does it protect the screen from scratches, dust and fingerprints, but it also eliminates glare. Remember when we had a choice between matte and glossy screens for our MacBook Pros? Well, this is as close as you can get to owning an aluminum MBP with a matte finish without swapping the screen.

Installation is shockingly easy. You just line up the corners, press down, and firmly slide your hand across the screen. The air bubbles you see while applying a protective layer on your iPhone are not a problem. I was nervous about this, but fortunately Moshi delivered on its promise. There’s a hole at the top for your iSight, and a transparent part in the black border so the “Macbook Pro” text on the bottom is still visible.

Below is the iVisor after a few weeks. No reflection, no scratches.



A MacBook Pro is an investment. It deserves to remain in perfect condition. What I love about Moshi’s products is that they can be installed in minutes and they perform to my standards: no air bubbles, no scratches, and no damage.

I purposefully did not include outer cases because I dislike adding bulk to the laptop. Also, a simple and artistic way to protect the top from scratches is to add a Gelaskin.

Moshi products are available for purchase at Dr. Bott and nuCourse.

17 Responses to “The Ultimate MacBook Pro Protection Suite by Moshi”

  1. Hi, I see they offer iVisor 13 for both new macbook pro 13″ and old macbook unibody, is the label at the bottom of the bezel “macbook” or “macbook pro” (for iVisor 13)? Or is it just trasparent?

  2. Does the macbook pro still close all the way with the keyboard cover on it? How is the keyboard cover with lugging the computer around? Does it ever fall out of place? Is it pretty well fixed in place?

  3. sclough

    How does the iVisor affect screen quality compared to other anti-glare covers? I would expect some muted colors, but does it make the screen, especially whites, look like there is rgb noise everywhere? I have a PowerSupport cover and it cuts the glare for sure, but the noise or “speckling” on the screen is horrible. I’d love to find something better because I really need the glare cut, even if I lose some of the vividness from the colors, but the noise and speckling on the PowerSupport is almost as bad as the glare.

  4. @Mark
    It doesn’t cause overheating.

    Perhaps investment is the wrong word. I could have purchased a cheaper white Macbook, but my goal was to save time and be more efficient at work. I believe I made an investment towards my career. Also, this computer has maintained its value far better than some stocks I own. Haha.

  5. Huberto

    “A MacBook Pro is an investment.”

    A computer – something that becomes obsolete and loses its value with astounding rapidity – is not an investment. It’s expensive, but it’s not an investment.

  6. Does anyone know if keyboard covers cause overheating?
    A friend claims that MacBooks suck air in through the keyboard and vents it out the back?
    Would I run the risk of overheating if I were to use one?

    • On a 15″ unibody (Fall 2008), the Clearguard definitely does not cause overheating.

      I ran the CPU at 100% without the keyboard cover on for 20 minutes to let the CPU temperature stabilize. I then put the Clearguard on and ran it for 5 more minutes and CPU temperatures did not change.

  7. Brian

    I looked into this… seems great, but none of the products seem to work on the non-Unibody Macbook Pros. Am I wrong? Anybody have any suggestions for the older Macbook Pros?

  8. I’ve been using a Moshi Clearguard on my keyboard for a few weeks and love it. No more worries about wear on my keys or crumbs in my keyboard. Yeah, I sometimes eat while working :)

    I’ll also second the recommendation for It does take some effort to apply (about 2 hours for me), but it protects most of the outer surface of my Macbook. Some people don’t like the glossy look, but I prefer it.

    I don’t have anything protecting my screen, so I’ll definitely look into the iVisor.

  9. I used a Sonnet keyboard cover, made from silicon, that I really liked, but after a few months they oft-used keys were no longer transparent. I’m not a touch typist so eventually it became unusable. I’m curious whether the Moshi job does the same thing?

  10. Unfortunately it appears that the clearguard is only availably for unibody Macbooks and Macbook Pros – my aluminum MBP keyboard will have to stay unprotected.

  11. Amanda

    Thin film that you can get to cover literally your ENTIRE macbook. Separate pieces for trackpad, button, battery, top, bottom, and screen, and holes in all the right places, so everything has full functionality. Super thin, stays on (it’s been like 9 months now and not even peeling on the corners). I have one on my iphone too, it’s amazing. Same thing as the Zagg Invisible Shield except it’s like 1/2 the price!

  12. Alternatively clean the keyboard, screen and wrist area once a week with iklear (or something equally computer friendly) and you can actually touch your mac and still have it look new!

    • Andreas

      Yep, that´s what i do too. I don´t want to pay loads of money for a beautiful laptop and then cover it up… I want to use it as intended.