TetherBerry Beta Gains Speed, Wireless Tethering for PC and Mac


LogoWe often debate the whole tether your 3G phone vs. using a 3G adapter or device like the MiFi. Today I’ll throw a bone to the tethering crowd — to BlackBerry (s RIMM) owners in particular. TetherBerry isn’t a brand new tethering application, but UneasySilence heard of a new beta version that adds some speed and more flexibility to the current version:

We are working hard at TetherBerry to make our product better and better. Some of our latest updates are [sic] our Mac Beta is much faster; this week we will begin offering seven-day trials of TetherBerry for the PC and will begin testing the BlueTooth version.

Our latest Mac beta blows our previous Mac beta out of the water. It is noticeably faster, but we want your feedback! Our interface is dead simple and is compatiable [sic] with all BlackBerrys. No more hassle finding scripts for mac tethering, just one solution: TetherBerry.

The application is free while in beta status, but the currently available pay version is a whopping $49.95. Faster throughput and the additional support of Bluetooth tethering is definitely desirable, but that price-point is too high for my budget. Luckily, I don’t have a BlackBerry, so I won’t be agonizing over a purchase decision for the software.

How much is too much for this functionality? On one hand, the $49.95 is a one-time fee. That beats the pants off monthly tethering plans from a carrier which can tack on $20, $30 or more every 30 days. On the other hand, I remember paying around $25 to tether using PdaNet. In fact, it offers a BlackBerry version today for $29.95. That version already supports wireless tethering over Bluetooth, so is there a compelling reason to use TetherBerry?

While we start a new debate over tethering software prices, BlackBerry owners can download TetherBerry directly to their device at http://tetherberry.com/d/tetherberry.jad. Unless you’re on a truly unlimited 3G plan, I’d watch your usage with any tethering software. You won’t pay the developer if you go over a bandwidth cap, but your carrier might come knocking.



PDaNet does not support the BlackBerry Curve. You must be running OS 4.7

Sean Brady

Hmm. For some reason I was thinking that Verizon tethering without a tethering plan from them?? Maybe I am just remembering what the sales guy told me. I tether using VZaccess and a tethering plan and it works very well. The speed is not always what I would like though.


Do these apps offer any additional functions that the built in modem mode that Blackberries already offer?

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