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Star Trek‘s Uhura to Boss Around Hayden Black’s Cabonauts

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The Cabonauts-Group 3
Photo Credit: The Bui Brothers

There’s nothing like star power to give a web series some extra pizazz. But what about Star Trek power? That’s what Goodnight Burbank/Abigail’s Teen Diary creator Hayden Black’s got working for him now — Nichelle Nichols, best known as the original Lt. Uhura on Trek, has joined the upcoming sci-fi musical comedy series The Cabonauts as a series regular.

Black secured the 76-year-old actress via Cabonauts casting director Erin Gray, who also runs the Heroes for Hire booking agency. Once he heard that Nichols was a possibility, he had about a day to develop a character that would interest her, and tailored the role of CJ, CEO of Cabonauts Incorporated, to her specifically.

“I didn’t want to write anything remotely stereotypical — or anything that smacked of Star Trek. I wanted to give her something she’d never done before. [CJ’s] a very strong female, who comes from a long and powerful line of women CEOs,” Black said via phone.

After the jump, Nichols talks about what attracted her to the project (among her reasons: Hayden Black is a crazy person).

Long in development and set to debut in October, The Cabonauts is structured as 10-minute episodes, which each include a music video à la Flight of the Conchords or The Mighty Boosh (as a co-star, Nichols will be singing and dancing along with the other cast members). The 15-episode first season secured exclusive distribution with Dailymotion in May, with production now complete on the pilot episode.

The first official trailer for the series will premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con this July, and fans-to-be can get more information — and merchandise — at “We’ve sold two t-shirts and haven’t even put a frame of footage up yet,” Black said.

Black is promising more all-star cast announcements at the end of the month. I don’t know about you, but my fingers are crossed for George Takei.

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