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Clearwire Launching WiMAX in Las Vegas

clear_logoClearwire (s CLWR) is launching its Clear WiMAX service in Las Vegas on July 21. That’s great news for conventioneers (especially the numerous tech-focused shows in the area every year) and casino attendees, never mind the locals, who will get to play with the new 4G technology. Day passes are available for $10, with mobile plans starting at $30 for 2GB of usage, and $40 for unlimited use at home or on the go. Clear claims it provides download speeds of up to 4Mbps and upload up to 500Kbps. But how will the network hold up when the gadget-heavy Consumer Electronics Show comes to town next January?

12 Responses to “Clearwire Launching WiMAX in Las Vegas”

  1. I thought I give the home and mobile I try for 7 days…..sux to be me. There’s a big hill block their signal to my house…spent 2 hours with techs ….they said I can’t be save. so for the mobile, I went around town getting less than 1mb download. Unless I’m next by a windows, I’m ok. But if I’m in a building with no windows, I’m screwed, no signals….guess CLEAR is not very CLEAR for me….sux to be me.

  2. Randolphus

    I’ve had the service here in las vegas for the fast few days and it has worked for me as advertised. 4-6 mbps download speeds pretty consistently (on the home modem) haven’t tried the mobile card yet as I have a mac, will probably get the portable wifi router as a workaround

  3. We’ve been selling WiMAX in Vegas for several weeks. But just like Atlanta it won’t be advertised publicly by Clear for some time… that’s OK, we’ll close all of the sales we can until they open up the advertising floodgates…

  4. Doug Mohney

    How will the Vegas WiMAX network hold up for CES?

    Do just fine; there won’t be a gaggle of roaming WiMAX users coming to CES, given the number of cities that will be lit by the end of the year.