Updated: 6,000 Facebook Status Updates Per Minute During Jackson Memorial

Updated: The Michael Jackson memorial service has come and gone, and some of the preliminary stats on online viewing, streaming and social media activity have come in.

First up is Facebook, which reports that roughly one million users tuned in through its Live Stream box across CNN, E! Online, *MTV* and *ABC* News. They posted a total of about 800,000 status updates during the memorial, with a peak of approximately 6,000 status updates per minute.

Stats from MSNBC, Ustream, *Akamai* and the full Facebook breakdown after the jump.

MSNBC: 3 million live streams; 7 million uniques and 82 million page views by 2pm PDT

Ustream: 4.6 million total streams worldwide; 1.6 million unique visits; 12,000 messages sent in chat rooms per minute

Akamai: Over 2.7 million people were tuned into various memorial streams at noon PDT (per ZDNet); that still pales in comparison to the 7.7 million concurrent streams tracked during the Obama inauguration — but the full day stats aren’t out yet.

Facebook/CNN: 759,000 streams; 733,000 status updates

Facebook/ABC: 97,000 streams; 48,000 status updates

Facebook/E! Online: 87,000 streams; 9,000 status updates

Facebook/MTV: 21,000 streams; 5,000 status updates

(Editor’s Note: The Facebook data does not reflect the full online viewing stats for the networks, only the number of viewers getting the streams through the social network.)