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Apple Lists Favorite Apps To Celebrate App Store’s One-Year Anniversary

When Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) launched the App Store one year ago, no one knew how much it would change the way content is distributed in the mobile industry. But today, just a year later, we are starting to see what is likely just the beginning of a major revolution. On Saturday, July 11, Apple will celebrate the store’s first year in the mobile application business. It has facilitated at least one billion downloads and has rallied developers and publishers to create as many as 62,965 applications, according to third-party estimates.

Today, Apple started to commemorate the store on iTunes, by listing off its favorite apps. “Light a candle and cue the music. Okay, forgive us for sounding like doting parents, but we’re just so proud — having watched the App Store go from promising newcomer to full-fledged revolutionary,” Apple wrote on iTunes.

What’s your favorite app?

Apple makes a list of its top 60 applications, including 30 games and 30 others. Some of the obvious ones are things like Facebook, NYTimes, Pandora, eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) and Shazam. But there’s others that caught us a little off guard like the Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook, or RjDj album, which describes itself as a “reality jockey.” At Bat and ESPN (NYSE: DIS) ScoreCenter also made the list.

As for games, the list is also pretty predictable, but just in making a separate category shows how serious Apple wants to be portrayed as a gaming platform. Titles that made the list include: PopCap’s Peggle; Gameloft’s Let’s Golf; Illusion Labs’ Touchgrind; Mobigame’s Edge.