WoW Players the Latest to Get Location-Based Service

WoWpalsWoWPals is a new location-based service for World of Warcraft players who want to connect with other WoW fans, be they from halfway around the globe or right down the street. A spinoff of Israel-based company GamersFlux, the service extracts data from the World of Warcraft Armory web site, a searchable database of game content and players, and connects it to WoWPals users’ real-world location info. (It’s also integrated with Twitter, so WoWPals can keep each other updated via Tweets.) Moreover, it adds World of Warcraft to the growing list of services and applications with location-based functionality.

And it’s not only a nice community-building feature for WoW fanatics; joining up with fellow gamers in their geographic region can give die-hard players a low latency advantage. WoWPals co-founder Nadav Har Tzvi told me via email that the company plans to earn revenue from an upcoming premium account service; it’s also developing integration to display geo-targeted ads. With the recent introduction of TweetCraft, a Twitter client that runs within World of Warcraft, WoWPals is yet another service that connects the West’s largest MMORPG to the outside world. (Compatibility with the iPhone and other mobiles coming soon, Har Tzvi added.)

Image courtesy WoWPals.