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Where to Watch the Michael Jackson Memorial Service

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Update: See our live blog about the technical side of online viewing of Michael Jackson’s funeral service, where we review which streams stayed up and how they engaged us.

Want to tune in online on Tuesday to pay your respects to the King of Pop? Plans for the public memorial for Michael Jackson are just being finalized, but here’s what we know so far.

Everything gets started at 10 a.m. PDT. Update: Now delayed to 10:30.Live at 10:12, for a few minutes. While broadcasters told us they are still waiting on details of what coverage they will be able to provide of the memorial itself, it does seem that live video will be made public. Los Angeles leaders have encouraged mourners to stay home and watch on TV or online so as to maintain public safety. There is expected to be a pool feed supplied by the Jackson family and Staples Center venue owner and Jackson tour promoter AEG. The venue fits only 20,000, and more than 1.6 million people applied for public tickets online. A pool feed means anywhere you watch, you’ll get the same coverage, though some streams may be more reliable than others.

CNN, for one, is hoping to differentiate by encouraging viewers to update their Facebook status while watching the broadcast, much like it did during the Obama inauguration. You’ll be able to connect to friends who are watching the memorial service by seeing what they’re saying about it and commenting back. Go to Live starting at 9 a.m. PDT. will also show a live stream and said it would be posting selections of Twitter messages that contain the hashtags #MJ, #msnbc or #nbc.

Others who have said explicitly they will be showing video online (with direct URL included if we know it):

Fox News and Fox broadcast are both providing live coverage; here is where the Fox News web feed runs.

ABC News will stream on its home page.

CBS News will provide live coverage, and Ustream will supply its own hosted version of the feed where you can comment here. Update: CBS says it will also show the live stream on,,, all CBS stations and affiliates, Verizon’s VCast TV, ATT TV via Media Flo and on Sprint TV via Mobi TV.

Hulu often uses a Fox feed for big events, though it has done more of its own live streaming lately. It has set up a page specific to the funeral here. Update: Hulu confirms it will be streaming a Fox News feed. And it will be embeddable, for those who want to post the video on their own sites.

USA Today will be streaming using Livestream here.

The New York Times will be carrying the whole live feed on its ArtsBeat blog, with at least some portions shown live on its home page.

MySpace will host AEG’s stream here alongside friend comments and status updates as well as full-length streaming of 31 Michael Jackson albums and 20 music videos here.

E! Online
is streaming on starting at 9 a.m. here.

Livestation will be hosting multiple feeds including a BBC World News stream on its homepage.

MTV‘s feed is here.

We’ll update as we know more.

21 Responses to “Where to Watch the Michael Jackson Memorial Service”


    i tried to tape the funeral but it didn’t work. does anyone know how i can find a place on the computer or tv that i can watch it?

  2. I just do not understand why people believe that MJ was a peodophile. He was found innocent, he was a target, he was thee most famous man in the world where people knew him even in places where there is no electricity in the world.