Palm Pre Extended Battery Offers 20% More Juice With No Size Difference


BASI13PMX3-2Earlier today when pitting push notifications against background apps on handsets, I mentioned that battery life is one disadvantages of a multitasking operating system. With the original 1150mAh battery in the Palm Pre (s PALM), many folks find they can’t get through a full day on a single charge. You can replace the battery in the Pre, but I personally find it difficult to remove the back case. It’s not something I’d want to do on a daily basis, although I appreciate the option.

Another option would be an extended battery, but I don’t want the Pre to be any thicker than it is. Luckily, Palm Infocenter noticed that Seidio is now shipping a higher-capacity power pack for the Pre, and it’s the same size as the original battery. At $44.95, the Innocell battery is rated for 1350mAh, or just shy of 20 percent more capacity than the 1150mAh battery that comes with the Pre. If you’re finding a low battery six or eight hours in your day, this replacement ought to last you between 7.25 and 9.5 hours on a single charge, all things being equal.



I bought the Seidio 1350 mAh battery. The phone keeps shorting-out when I slide it closed. Major problem!!!!


As a disclaimer, I just traded in my Blackberry 8830 for a Pre, and I love the Pre.


I’ve owned a number of Blackberries, none of them could go several days on a single charge. The Blackberry also doesn’t have nearly as powerful CPU or software.


Every Blackberry I’ve ever owned could multi-task. I’m not sure why people think this is a new feature with the Pre. Maybe since the iPhone can’t do it people assume no other smartphones can do it?


The BB has a much slower CPU. If you want to be able to
multi task you need the more powerful CPU that the Pre has hence the extra battery drain.


The problem is not the battery, it is software related. The Blackberry has the same capacity sized battery, the BB can go several days without a charge. Palm discovered an issue within the architecture, it will be addressed with a firmware upgrade.


I’d say for my usage I need about double the battery power. Palm made a huge mistake going with such an underpowered battery for an always-on device. Seriously, I would MUCH rather have a larger/heavier device if it means I can get through the day without recharging it!

Martijn van Gompel

Good news! I’ve been using a Seido exentended battery since I bought my Treo 750 about 2 years ago. Works like a charm and gives me that extra juice to keep going with music and 3G all day long.


Neo – you must have read my mind. I wrote about the new battery being available from Amazon and will probably pick mine up tomorrow and just wait –

I have to admit that paying an extra $30 something dollars after already paying $200+ doesn’t sit well with me. Ultimately I bought into this product, this platform and I can’t return it so I’m going to check it out and hope it does better. I just don’t see myself walking about with a charger in my car and everywhere else I go.


You beat me to the punch; I was just about to respond to the push/multitasking post. A couple of notes:

– It is currently out of stock, but Amazon has the same battery priced at $33.60

– Some users on PreCentral indicated that the design of the battery results in resets upon sliding the Pre open/closed. I just got mine yesterday and experienced one reset, but it hasn’t happened since, despite vigorous testing. That said, Seidio apparently has very recently modified the design to fix this and is replacing the unit for those experiencing problems.

– I’ve used Seidio’s extended battery with my Motorola Q9c without issue, and really appreciated the 15-30% boost in battery life.


This battery is also compatible with the touchstone back.

They also are developing a double capacity battery, but at a thicker profile.

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