Daily Sprout


Smart Grid Challenge: Can competing smart grid models “challenge and complement one another, or will they be driven by infighting—over standards, regulations, federal investment dollars, etc.?” — Solve Climate

Not Cheap, But Financed: For those that can’t scrounge together $109,000 to buy a luxury electric Roadster sports car from Tesla Motors up front, the startup has teamed up with Bank of America to set up a monthly payment plan. — AutoblogGreen

Winds of China: When you crunch the numbers, China’s massive new wind power project looks stunningly cheap: less than $1 million per megawatt, three times cheaper than T. Boone Pickes’ proposed U.S. wind farm. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Bring in Da Noise: Japan may introduce requirements to use noise-making devices to let pedestrians know when hybrid cars are approaching. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Fisker Sets Delivery Timeline: Plug-in hybrid sports car startup Fisker Automotive says it plans to begin delivering cars to customers in May or June 2010. — Greentech Media

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