ASUS T91 Comes in Three Flavors, One Includes Multi-Touch


t91a-300x270Want a netbook that doubles as a convertible Tablet PC and includes multi-touch support? Look no further than than ASUS T91, which has gone from public prototype to arriving soon in just six short months. ASUS Tablet heard from an ASUS rep that the T91 will appear in three different configurations. One is the standard convertible Tablet PC with touchscreen; another adds integrated 3G, GPS and DTV; while the third adds multi-touch support to the base unit’s resistive panel.

I’ve long felt that adding a touchscreen display to a standard netbook or notebook adds marginal benefit to the way most people use their devices. To increase the bang for the buck, touch adds more value in a slate or convertible device in slate mode, so the T91 offers some tactile appeal. With Microsoft Windows 7 (s MSFT) adding support for multi-touch, it’s great to see ASUS offer it on the resistive T91 display. But don’t expect to see or buy the multi-touch T91 with Windows 7 Starter Edition. Consumers will pay for the more expensive Windows 7 Home Premium version as that’s the lowest edition that supports touch features. Interestingly, the other two T91 configurations are listed as coming with Windows XP, although I’d expect to see them offered with Windows 7 after October.

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Allan Jones

I’ve found touch most useful on the Samsung Q1 in confined environments, for example using it on a train. In those circumstances it’s really useful.


One question… how do you compare the resistive multitouch panel on the t91 with the Q1UP?

thanks in advance!

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