New Site Staffed By Ex-Newspaper Reporters Launches In Denver, As Another Struggles In Seattle

Say this for laid-off reporters trying to set up online news sites: They don’t give up easily. A group in Seattle led by reporters from the shuttered print Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it only has enough cash in the bank to go for another three weeks but still has hopes for hiring full-time staffers while a group of reporters from the defunct Rocky Mountain News in Denver is trying again with a new site after their first venture didn’t meet with instant success.

The new site in Denver, The Rocky Mountain Independent, has many of the same reporters who worked at INDenver Times, which set an ambitious goal of having 50,000 paying subscribers but only ended up attracting 3,000 (INDenver Times still exists). Editor Steve Foster tells the weekly Denver Westword that the staff at The Rocky Mountain Independent is trying a new strategy this time around — focusing only on “original” content, rather than on also aggregating stories. Like with the INDenver Times, the Rocky Mountain Independent is asking people to pay to subscribe. For $4 a month, members gets access to premium content on the site as well as the opportunity “to chat with RMI