Motorola Reveals Some Details On Android Strategy As It Woos Developers

Motorola Android

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has been blogging, hosting meet-ups and talking to developers ahead of launching its first devices on the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) operating system in hopes of convincing them to build applications specifically tailored for their phones. In doing so, Motorola has revealed a bit more about its strategy when it comes to the Android platform, Forbes reports.

Motorola VP of software platforms Christy Wyatt said Motorola will be going after mass distribution, meaning that phones will be priced and developed for consumer and enterprise customers. The handset-maker will also help developers sell their apps through a number of channels. However, while the high-level pitch is a good one, Motorola is still holding details close to its chest, which is making it hard for developers to jump on board. For example, access to Motorola’s Android-specific developer tools, including software development kits, won’t be out until later this year.

On applications: Motorola said if developers choose to work with them, they will be able to distribute their apps through a variety of channels, including Google’s Android Market, carrier stores, third-party distributors and direct sales. Motorola also may install, or pre-load, some applications on its phones.

On distribution: Motorola said they will be building phones that will target both the consumer and enterprise markets and that range from mid-to high-tier in pricing. They will be sold worldwide. Some handsets will specialize in messaging and multimedia. Motorola is also willing to introduce developers to carriers.

On getting involved: How serious is Motorola at working with developers? It has organized meet-ups in Chicago, Sunnyvale and London. In mid-June, about 100 Android developers showed up in a Silicon Valley event. Additionally, Wyatt said that if developers have partnered with Motorola before, then they will be “fast tracked” through the Android process, along with other well-known companies.


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