Android This Week: Flash Coming to the Browser


android-logo1The biggest news in the Android world this week came from embedded systems developer BSquare (s bsqr), which said it’s developed a version of Flash Lite for the Google phone OS. The BSquare Flash module will be distributed to OEMs as a browser plug-in for inclusion on devices running on the ARM platform.

This Flash module would make it possible to play streaming video inside the browser, a capability smartphones have been sorely lacking. Most online video sites (such as YouTube and Hulu) use Flash technology to stream video; the lack of Flash support has kept mobile browsers from sharing in their growing popularity.

This module from BSquare makes Android the first mobile phone platform to get browser support for Flash. That has to have the folks in both Cupertino and Redmond grinding their teeth, as neither Apple (s AAPL) nor Microsoft (s MSFT) have included Flash support on the iPhone or Windows Mobile platforms, respectively. Apple has indicated it doesn’t believe Flash is “good enough” for the iPhone Safari browser, but we’ll see how the company feels once it’s available for Android.



I feel bad for the guy with the browser crashing because of flash every other day. Let me know if you need help fixing your pc. Never had that problem in over 10 years so I can help
Also you should invest in a android if you feel the iphone will crash with flash. I too believe the Iphone could never handle it like the G1

JP Holecka

It is my theory that Apple does not want Flash on the iPhone at any point. It would mean that video, audio and apps could be created outside of the control of the app store gateway. We all know that they would hate both the lose of revenue and control over user experience. Not to mention the crazy memory leak issues that really bog the iPhone CPU down.


Typical uninformed articles from the loudest mouths. IE6 Mobile comes with flash pre-installed, and flashlite 3.1 for windows mobile has been a download for ages now. Flash 10 is coming to Windows Mobile, amongst others in a few months also.


Haven’t Nokia phones been able to do this for a few years now?


Well there is flash light available for some Nokia Phones but i guess there is no in browser Flash video support … its expected soon


Pretty much all S60 3rd Edition devices shipped with Flash Lite. I had an N95 8GB for a long time. The browser wasn’t as good as the iph… (sorry can’t say it’s name) or that found on Android devices. But then came Skyfire. It’s good. and video playback off sites was really good.


The N800 and N810 tablets were horribly slow when Flash content was accessed. The devices and content were essentially unusable, without extreme optimization. If the idea of Flash is to provide a common development platform for devices and computers it fails as a result. It also fails in terms of AS 2.0 and 3.0 support.


As far as i remember there is a browser available for windows mobile devices which has flash support (including video streaming).
Personally i dont think it can provide good user experience as compared to apps for viewing sites like Youtube (available on both WM and iPhone).
Eventhough MS has hinted flash support in Pocket IE but who cares, its Opera all the way :)


andriod is another fork of linux mainstream …rather that using xwindows they chose to implement thier own andriod UI layer on top of if …..maybe bcos x license ? result its no longer able to use tens of thousands of free linux app ( flash included ) and have reinvent the wheel …..what a waste of time and resources ….i hope handset start using a real linux based stuff like moblin , limo etc and stop reinventing the wheel


Safari is a real browser, which is used to browse typical sites. How does Mobile Flash support such browsing? If Adobe would complete the transition to AS 3, and make the platform more efficient nobody would mind having it on their devices. At this point, it crashes my desktop browser once every couple of days. I’d rather not have that experience on my iPhone.

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