paidContent Quick Hits: 7.04.09

»  The Economist attempts to lure back UK readers with a new cinema ad, trying to recreate the cool aura it has in U.S. [WSJ] The ad below:

»  Allen & Co. media mogulfest is next week, y’all. Deals, perhaps, maybe. [THR]

»  This year at the Allen & Co retreat could be about movie studios deals, judging by Paramount’s DVD division talks. [Reuters]

»  Techrunch has spun off Crunchpad into separate company, and is buying out a Singapore-company for the design; hoping to announce the product officially in a month. [NYT]

»  *Yahoo* OMG’s the biggest celeb site and highly profitable, precisely because it has the traffic hose and a highly derivative product, respectively. [AP]

»  High drama as Congressional Quarterly is about to be sold: Federal News Service filed a lawsuit on Thursday against CQ,, accusing it of corporate espionage and theft of information. Will it slow down the sale process? [NYT]

»  This was big week for copyright and piracy, and it will only pick up. [LAT/Healey]

» hopes to aggregate all athletes in the world. Online directories as a business? 1995 called. [NYT]

»  Way too much info than you would ever want, on the Livenation-Ticketmaster merger, in its latest SEC filing. [Billboard]