How Will You Survive the Holiday?

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This weekend is the Independence Day 4th of July holiday here in the U.S., which for many people means a three-day weekend. I’ll even be taking tomorrow off, and I almost never get days off, since my boss is a complete workaholic who thinks days off are for the weak. Oh wait, that workaholic tyrant is me, since I get to set my own freelance schedule. Some of us aren’t good at taking days off, so I have a few tips for making it through the holiday.

Photo by Flickr user kcphotos used under Creative Commons

Photo by Flickr user kcphotos used under Creative Commons

A traditional 4th of July holiday celebration includes picnics or barbecues with family and friends, which can mean that you will most likely be faced with the dreaded question: “So, what do you do?” from your less technical friends and family. I always struggle with how to answer this question, so I encourage you to go back to my December post and browse the comments to get a few innovative suggestions for dealing with this question.

This is mostly a low-tech holiday, so some of us may start going through tech withdrawal. You might need to find creative ways to work your technology into the day. The easiest way is to pull out your fancy digital camera and experiment with some of the less well known settings while making it look like you are snapping a few pictures. You can also use your phone to look something up, while sneaking a peak at email or your favorite social networking site.

For those of you who really aren’t good at taking time off, you can fake it. Pretend to take a day off while really planning for a day of quiet holiday productivity. Since everyone thinks that you are off work, you might be able to get some real work done.

Don’t take this post too seriously. Take some time off this weekend and enjoy yourself!

What are your tips for surviving the holiday?

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