Will Michael Jackson’s Funeral Be Live-Streamed?

Update: Here’s our list of Michael Jackson memorial service live streams.

hulumjMichael Jackson’s funeral will likely be scheduled for next Tuesday, July 7 at 10 a.m. at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to various reports. AEG Live, which was planning Jackson’s comeback, owns the Staples Center and says it’s putting on the event. The arena seats 20,000, and AEG is said to have plans to place large screens outside to show the proceedings to an overflow audience. But will the funeral be live-streamed to the King of Pop’s fans around the rest of the world?

Given the ongoing magnitude of global grieving for Jackson, wall-to-wall coverage of the funeral on TV networks goes without saying, and one or more online live streams is a solid bet. Other midday events, such as Obama’s inauguration and college basketball’s March Madness, have had huge numbers of watchers online, many of them office workers who want to see them live.

Hulu has already set up a placeholder page for the live web broadcast, under the account it uses to post special events. That site is mostly geo-blocked outside of the U.S.; surely others will get in on the action as plans unfold.


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