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MJ Fans Flock to eBay for Memorabilia

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[qi:109] Millions of people logged onto the web when the news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death broke last week, and they’re continuing to flock to eBay (s ebay) to get their hands on the pop king’s memorabilia. The online auction site said it’s since seen the percentages of daily searches, listings and sales of Michael Jackson memorabilia rise dramatically.

As of yesterday, eBay said the number of searches for Michael Jackson items had surged 235 percent over the week prior to his death. People are apparently looking to profit off their old Michael Jackson loot, too — new listings of such gear is up 57 percent.

Michael Jackson dolls have risen in value as much as 450 percent to sell for about $120, according to Vendio Research, which provides market research for eBay sellers. With the advent of iPods, however, a vinyl version of the iconic “Thriller” album is only going for about $70. But sales of single white gloves have gone through the roof, Vendio said, with 352 sold last week alone on eBay vs. the prior average of five a week.

16 Responses to “MJ Fans Flock to eBay for Memorabilia”

  1. Randall


    United States — 100 Million Fans

    Europe __ 300 Million Fans

    Asia (China) — 500 Million

    The rest the world —- 300 Million


  2. MJ Fan

    Just to educate those who are ignorant to the fact that MJ was the first person from the US to perform across sea’s and to mention donated the most to charities across the world. Stop believing everything you hear and see, only followers do what you guys are doing you just follow the crowd , what ever the media says. I’m finish with this blog all I can say is God see’s everything, you need to view yourself first in the mirror before judging.

    • studdmstr

      Where are you getting your facts from Joe Jackson? MJ was definitely not the first person from the US to perform over sea’s! Personally I distrust the media and have no problem doing research and forming my own opinions. You on the other hand have drank the MJ Kool-aid and are a follower and believe all the propaganda the Jackson camp is spewing out. I agree that God see’s everything and has judged accordingly….may MJ rest in hell.

  3. Scooter

    I am not a fan, although I fully recognize this man’s genius, admire his taste. I find it an insult that in this Country people wish to profit from his death..if I was a fan, I would not attempt to break the rules…this does not honour his passing, in any way. If I had requested, and not been chosen to attend, I would honour him in my own way…and watch from home………let his family grieve in peace…rather than be troubled by all this dishonesty of those with no character. The root of human trouble is in our nature….we are rotten to the core…and CHOOSE good and right…over evil and despicable. To those who choose evil and despicable…you will reap what you sow….
    Let this man’s true fans and family grieve…….he is more at rest in death than he ever was in life…which is a tragedy. This life is full of trouble…we were never promised anything else… we chooose to live, the decision we make…….will live on. Our character, the choices we make, and the results of those choices….reveal who we really are.

  4. studdmstr

    I somewhat agree with Bill. I think MJ was a talented and revolutionary musician and performer….but he pretty much failed as a human. He was a misfit, drug addict and no doubt child molester (yeah he was acquitted but if he wasn’t guilty why did he pay off the other kids and family’s?). Right up until he died he was regarded as a freak and was laughed at and called wacko jacko by the news media and people that are rational and live in the real world. Now that he’s gone he’s being regarded as a saint……hypocrites. Why shouldn’t people profit from his death …..Joe Jackson is trying like hell to.

  5. I do not own any memoralbilia of this dude, do not want any, have never even listened to one of his “noise makers”, and I will be happy when he is put to rest. To call his kinky movements, screaming, and gyrations music is an insult to those that DO like good music. The man was a misfit, probably a drug addict, and, just maybe, a child molester. All of this adoration being heaped on this man is nothing short of a scam!

    • MJ Fan

      If you don’t like him remember it’s mind over matter; He don’t mind and you don’t matter. Kick Rocks Bill in other words GET LOST. You are a HATER, MJ was the best and always will be. There will never be another MIKE. I see these blogs all the time but this is the first one I cared to comment on so dude to make this short & sweet you are a H A T E R !!!!!!!!!!

    • Randall

      Now everyone should listen to this knucklehead.

      If this knucklehead idot would just go on Youtube and watch Michael Jackson concerts, he will see that are thousands and thousands of people in the audience from all races and ages. People are screaming and crying just because they are so happy to see Michael Jackson perform his moves and sing his songs. His music touches their hearts and brings tears to their eyes. You can see grown white men and black men standing there with tears in their eyes.

      If you think that Michael Jackson was just another ordinary entertainer, then you are kidding yourself. 100 years after we are all dead and gone, and forgotten about, Michael Jackson will still be talked about by people around the world. Why do you think Ebay increased sales over 400% since this man passed away. It is not because they did not like him. When you die knucklehead, no one will even care. So go climb in a hole and quit being a Michael Jackson HATER.
      Give the man his credit because when it is all said and

    • TimboSlice

      Why you gotta say crap like that? Are you a bigot? Stop generalizing Americans (like many other contries have in the past) and understand that the people of the US are not the hundreds of politicians that are in office (running this country). Have we lost control, yes, but unfortunately it would probably take extreme measures to reform our government (which most of us law biding citizens are not willing to do).

      I speak for 95% of America, and for MJ’s music talent, there are few better than him. So you might want to get your 50% fact straight buddy.

    • studdmstr

      Where did you pull those statistics from? I strongly disagree that the percentages are that high. I’d say less 10% of American’s are MJ fans. I think most appreciate his music and dance, but are fair weather fans.