Google's App Engine Is Sputtering

appengine_lowresUpdated: Today we’ve received an email and seen multiple tweets alerting us to the fact that Google’s (s Goog) App Engine software development platform is down. We’ve emailed the company for details, but in the meantime, a check of the App Engine status page won’t even load at 11:30 a.m. PDT, and updates on the site indicate that it’s been put into unplanned maintainance mode after experiencing problems this morning.

Update: A Google spokeswoman tells us that the service was down because of a storage issue. She emailed a statement that read: “Today at 8 am PT datastore access for App Engine applications was affected due to a cluster-wide issue. The team identified and fixed the underlying problem and service has now been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage anyone having technical difficulty to visit the System Status Dashboard or the Downtime Notify Group, which are both linked from the Google App Engine Community site.”

We’ve seen several complaints about the impersonal way Google seems to be handling this, criticism that certainly may cause the company harm in its quest to woo the enterprise to its platform. Readers, can Google keep App Engine flying?