Orange In UK May Partner With Blyk To Offer An Ad-Supported Service


Credit: Blyk

France Telecom’s Orange in the UK may be close to signing a deal with Blyk, which would likely result in price cuts to teenagers, who would view advertising on their phones in exchange for receiving £15 ($25) in credit, reports

Initially, Blyk’s plan was to sell service directly to consumers and piggy-back on Orange’s network in the UK, however, in May it said it was shelving plans to roll out MVNOs in new markets, and instead was focusing on forming partnerships with mobile carriers to resell their service. Orange would mark the first deal of its kind.

Virgin Mobile USA (NYSE: VM) already offers something similar in the U.S. called Sugar Mama. For a minute of ads online, they get a free minute of airtime. Or, for filling out a five-minute survey about brands or products, they get five minutes of airtime. On the phone, texts and picture messages also earn airtime.



music will play on mobiles and pictures and videos will get played on them. Advertising will interrupt this until it gets creatively editing INTO it…


Orange (through Mobistar, its subsidiary in Belgium) and Blyk already partner in Belgium for launching Blyk Belgium within months. So it definitly makes sense…

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