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Want More Twitter Followers? Break Out Your Wallet

logoIf you use self-described “web site traffic and promotion company” to buy votes on Digg and StumbleUpon, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s expanded its service to Twitter. For just $87, uSocial will generate an additional 1,000 Twitter followers to the account of your choosing. Sweet! Ratchet up your order to more than 5,000 new Twitter followers and you’ll even get a discount.

The press release announcing the service kind of says it all. Though you have to give the team at uSocial a little credit — at least they’re being up front about what they’re doing:

First it was popularity on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon that was being sold and now Twitter is in the sights of those looking to have their fame and status artificially increased.

Web traffic and promotion company – who famously received and ignored a Cease & Desist order from Digg after selling votes on the site – have just launched a service allowing Twitter users to purchase packages of followers if they are having trouble attaining them on their own.

8 Responses to “Want More Twitter Followers? Break Out Your Wallet”

  1. Followers~~ hummm? Targetted or not targetted. I look for things like this but must have also following capability and search capability and do it on autopilot. Also think thats a steep price. I was recently quoted for 500-1000 per week, $40 a month. that was general. $70 a month for specific. (That is 2,500-5,000).

  2. They might promise followers but anyone can create dozens or hundreds of phantom Twitter accounts, all you need is a unique email address. I sincerely doubt that 1,000 Followers=1,000 individual people who are reading your messages. I doubt if it’s even 100 people.

  3. A certain forum that I use, someone was passing out a Twitter follower campaign for free. If you probably Google search it, someone could probably find a free follow program out there where they just have to sign up or do something. I don’t really approve of it and charging for it just makes it even worse.

  4. Dorkatron

    “Social Media is the way of the future! It’s pure! It’s self policing! It’s organic!” It’s the same as any other internet phase… being burned for profit… NEXT TREND PLEASE