GizaPage Social Network Organizer Gets an Upgrade

GizaPage - LogoMaintaining and promoting your various online personas can be a challenge. As Charles wrote recently, there are a variety of options for managing many online identities, and yesterday one of them, GizaPage, which I wrote about back in May, released several new features.

You may recall that GizaPage has a different take than other similar services. Where most either pull or aggregate your content into their own interface, GizaPage’s tab format gives folks the ability to view all of your profiles in their natural context. While I found the initial release to be thoughtfully done, some of the new options make it a much more compelling option.

Scott Blitstein's GizaCardAs the whole point of a consolidation or aggregation service like this is to allow greater visibility for your online activities, I like the addition of a widget that can be embedded on your web site or blog to point people to your other various social profiles via GizaPage. The 1-Click GizaCard is basic — I would like to see some more customization options — but it is functional.

One of the most exciting features is the addition of some basic stats functionality. Your dashboard will now show you views of your profile as well as more detailed breakdowns about your individual profile views. Obviously, this won’t track views outside of the GizaPage profile, but it is more visibility than a lot of services offer natively.

You can now assign a custom URL or web address for your GizaPage rather than using the standard one that they provide. This lets you use a domain or subdomain for your name or business. This is actually a paid option, but if you sign up before July 30 they’ll waive the $4.95/month fee for the first year.

They’ve also added some formatting and customization options to help spice up your profile pages. I’m intrigued to see what others come up with, as the defaults can be a bit drab. I chose a nice circuit board background for mine, which brightened things up and made it look much more “mine.”

GizaPage’s unique format makes it stand out among the multitude of choices available, so it’s worth investigating if you are evaluating a social identity service.

How do you manage your social identity?


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