Twitter Report Card: Tony Hsieh


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Whether you like it or not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and digital media companies are eager to harness this new tool. Every week, we


Hank Wasiak

I am an admirer of Zappos, Tony and the culture and team he has assembled. Also am a follower on Twitter and enjoy reading his tweets. Tony is the real deal!

Dan Entin

I can confirm that Tony replies to @ replies via DM. Very impressive considering the volume he must get.

Tameka Kee

Thanks for responding, Tony.

I thought you might be actively DMing people — which is definitely two-way communication — it's just not apparent to someone who might stumble upon your account. (And that's the perspective we're trying provide with the report card).

Tony Hsieh (CEO -

I just wanted to clarify that not responding on twitter through an @ reply on the zappos account is a conscious decision, but conversations actually do happen — they just aren't visible in the twitter stream at

Whenever I reply personally to people, I always send a direct message so that the twitter stream at does not get cluttered. We also have another account that is managed by our Customer Loyalty Team at — that team responds to public tweets that mention zappos using @ replies from that account.

Hope that clarifies things, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Tony Hsieh – CEO –

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