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Yahoo Cuts Off Maven Customers

As we previously reported, Yahoo (s YHOO) is discontinuing its Maven Networks white-label video service, which powered video for sites like Fox News, the company confirmed this morning. The service will be unavailable after the end of this year, according to a TechCrunch report, though Yahoo has not given us an end date. (Update: Official Yahoo response “each client has a different timeline.”)

Yahoo had only just bought Maven — for a whopping $160 million — in February 2008.

Yahoo has laid off much of its video staff, seen many video executives leave, and shut video properties such as Yahoo Live and Jumpcut. While its actions might indicate otherwise, spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten said via email “[V]ideo initiatives remain a priority for Yahoo!, both for its consumer and advertising experiences.”

Karlsten also maintained, “Many Maven employees have leadership positions across Yahoo!’s video initiatives,” though we know that CEO Hilmi Ozguc is long gone. She said Yahoo continues to leverage Maven technology in its video player and for video advertising both on and off its network. However, the company is “focusing our resources on the improvement of our core video offerings, such as enhancing the consumer video experience.”

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz indicated interest in buying new video startups at a recent conference. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme with no obligation to see your product through, she might be your gal. Of course, Yahoo could change its ways…but that’s its current track record.

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