Tools for Watching Online News and Reactions Unfold


The number of useful online tools that help to sift through the masses of information posted to the Internet every minute for content worth reading is growing. In this post, I’ll discuss a good way of following how news in any particular area is developing, and a good way to keep track of what others are saying about content you put online.

Unfolding News doesn’t have quite as pretty an interface as some other tools that scour news sites and social media messaging, but it’s a good search engine for getting nearly instant updates on breaking stories. For any search topic you enter, it provides a mix of tweets, blog posts, news stories from established sites and more. You can also create an RSS feed for any search term you enter, which you can use to stay up to date as stories are published on the web.

Unfolding News bills itself as a “live search engine.” It’s useful not only for keeping track of news and how people are reacting to news, but, as this post notes, it could be useful for tracking what’s being said about a new product release and other, similar applications. The site could use a slicker interface, but it does a good job of what it sets out to do.

What if you want to track the web buzz on content you post online? I’ve become increasingly reliant on ConvoTrack for this task, as I mentioned here, and it has steadily added source sites that it tracks. ConvoTrack is an easy-to-use free web app that allows you to track online conversations on social media sites related to content that you post or read. You don’t even need to download an application in order to use it. Instead, you can just type before the URL (no space between the two) for any web page you want to track conversations about, and then hit Enter. So to track what people are saying about WebWorkerDaily, I would type “” into my browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

What tools do you use for keeping track of news and reactions online?

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