Palm Pre Gains Security Fixes in webOS 1.0.4


palm-webos-104Yesterday, Palm (s PALM) released the latest upgrade to the Palm Pre, version 1.0.4 for webOS. Near as I can tell from the release notes (note, really) there’s nothing more than “security fixes” for the phone. The over-the-air update is 12MB and you can either wait for it to hit automatically or force your Pre to download and install it now.

I just ran through the download and install without any noticeable issues. A quick nosing around the operating system didn’t show anything different to me so far, which is expected, but if I see anything different, I’ll be sure to update. Please do the same in the comments if you grab webOS 1.0.4 and see anything new and exciting.



Does any one else have the issue where the Pre removes all the carriage returns from an email below the response? I have been able to duplicate it on several Pres I have for evaluation. I figured I check to see if you have seen it or if it is specific to my organization/ Exchange/ email settings..

Just discovered it, by looking back in my sent items and haven’t contacted sprint/palm yet.


Prior to the download I couldn’t get my Pre to sync w/MS Exchange 2003 SP1 because we didn’t used http rather than https. But after the download it syncs perfectly!


The main security fix is that you can no longer install an ipk on a non-rooted Pre just by clicking on the link in your email.

Some will say this is an issue for people who want homebrew apps without rooting, but it fixes a HUGE security hole. You didn’t even get confirmation that the ipk was being installed before, you’d just click on a link (which someone could easily disguise) and then the program would be installed.

If someone made a malicious program on that it’d have been very bad.

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