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Chris Anderson: Newspapers Need To Find The ‘Pet For Their Penguin’

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[by Kevin Anderson] Wired editor and author Chris Anderson told the Guardian that newspapers need to find a “pet for their penguin”

This article originally appeared in © Guardian News & Media Ltd..

3 Responses to “Chris Anderson: Newspapers Need To Find The ‘Pet For Their Penguin’”

  1. Disney' ABC is on Hulu now, essentially free: I keep waiting for some Dutch teenager to write a roll-in blocker, but I'm content to go check my email during the commercials.

  2. ed dunn

    Such advice would be great if this was June 30, 1996 but we are a several generations of people under 35 in 2009 who look at newspapers online as commodity information.

    If I'm correct, Disney never gave anything of value away for free even in the early stages of the Internet. Disney kept it in the consumer mind their content has value and worth paying for.

    If you give something away for free, you made it a commodity. Rarely has any web service, if any was able to monetize on something they introduced as a commodity service.

  3. The news itself is in a revolution and it is in this transformation that the new business model lies.

    It's looking increasingly likely that the future belongs to a fusion of citizen journalists/ news sites and a model that best fuses the two and gets the biggest audience for it.