When It Comes to Real Estate, It's Location, Location & Broadband


Eight-two percent of home buyers who have had broadband service over fiber all the way to the house rank it as the leading real estate amenity, the Fiber-to-the-Home Council said today. A national study of U.S. broadband consumers by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting shows that fiber-to-the-home ranks higher than green spaces, a neighborhood patrol and a community pool when consumers are evaluating planned communities.

Even among broadband customers who cannot get fiber, nearly 70 percent want “very high-speed Internet from a direct fiber-optic line” at the next home they buy, the study showed. Although I’m a huge proponent of broadband access, and assume that it would be a critical factor in my choice of home, choosing broadband over a community pool or green spaces shows broadband to be more like an upper-middle class luxury rather than a deciding factor in choosing a home. Readers, tell us your thoughts.



Just bought a home last year. No broadband instantly killed a potential home.

Andrew Mooers

Our videos are not designed to be Hollywood, but to give the viewer a chance to hear the broker one on one, to talk conversationally, not scripted. We are not trying to do a Hollywood 40 million dollar production. Just help brand us, show the property, showcase the area. Broadband is a question asked alot these days.

Michael Chaney

I just built a house in a relatively new community. Mine was one of the last streets paved and AT&T put in fiber with it. My street is the envy of the community for being the only one currently getting U-verse in the neighborhood. Lucky me! :)


I live in Hong Kong. Not having broadband would be a feature: “Rustic rural location, doesnt even have broadband”.

Greg Glockner

We’re looking at two neighborhoods – one with FIOS, the other with Cable/DSL. FIOS would be great, though it’s not the only factor.

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