Toodledo Brings Your Tasks to Gmail


Toodledo - LogoI firmly believe that any to-do or task management system will fail if creating tasks is too difficult. For me, the key is getting them out of my stream of consciousness and into a system that I trust, where I know they’ll be when need them, as quickly as possible.

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about my task manager of choice, Toodledo, is the ubiquity of its data entry points. I can enter tasks by email, through a handy Firefox extension, through Twitter, Jott, and more. So I was jazzed to see the availability of a new gadget for Gmail (s goog) that lets me enter and monitor my tasks right from my email provider of choice.

Given that the majority of my tasks originate from email, I’ve always really appreciated that I could forward messages directly to a special Toodledo address and have it create a task for me automatically.

But as good as that system is, it can be a bit clunky. I have to clean up subject lines and info and then remember all the syntax required to have it sorted and completed fully and properly. I’ve longed for an easy way to create tasks right from within Gmail. Basically, I’ve been jealous of Remember The Milk users, who have had a Gmail gadget for some time.

Toodledo Gmail GadgetThe new Toodledo Gmail gadget mirrors the company’s slim widget interface available for iGoogle and mobile users. While not as feature-rich as the normal, full interface, it so far has been very useful. Not only does it allow me to quickly create tasks on the fly, but it also allows me to monitor and change the status of my tasks based on feedback from others. Because I spend so much time in Gmail, having direct access to my to-do items has proven indispensable.

The Gmail gadget is available for free to all Toodledo/Gmail users. You can get more details on their Google Gadgets Page. Be sure to to enable the Gmail Navbar drag-and-drop labs feature, which allows you to reorder the items on your Gmail sidebar, to get your tasks right up at the top.

How well does your task manager get along with Gmail? If your task manager doesn’t integrate with Gmail, or if you don’t use Gmail at all, what other systems have you come up with?


Laurence Cope

What I find extremely important is the ability to quickly create a link in a new task to the original GMail email, and not foreward emails to the provider. I have only found Todoist to do this satisfactory. Google Tasks (like all Google Apps) are not feature rich enough, it is a basic task manager.


But my gosh what an *ugly* application. I just signed up and instantly closed the browser. Terrible.

Scott Blitstein


Thanks for your comments about the Gmail tasks. While they are indeed improving they still haven’t matured quite enough for me to replace Toodledo. There is still quite a bit of functionality I rely on that isn’t yet present.


Michael Carter

I might be missing something here, but the Tasks feature in Google provides the all important function of being able to create Tasks from received emails (and automatically links back to that email conversation, even as it grows); plus it allows the creation of separate lists such as To Do’s (Next Actions), Projects, Someday/Maybe (or whatever GTD or other terminology you use for your lists). Whilst the Tasks feature in Google is most definitely simple–in the extreme–the more I use it, the more I realise that simplicity (and email integration) is its strength. It too (not surprisingly) has an iGoogle gadget. For me, I don’t see the need to use a separate To Do/Tasks app when it’s now built in (though still in ‘Labs’ stage) to Gmail. The improvements in the Contacts functions in Gmail have now reached a point where I have decided I no longer need to use Highrise as my CRM (as much as I love its UI), because Gmail does all that it does (plus has Calendar and a host of other apps available). If you’re a Firefox user, install the Xoopit add-on and it turns Gmail into a quasi Document Management System as well. Just amazing.

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